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 ====== STEP 5: Calling from X-Lite to Verboice ====== ====== STEP 5: Calling from X-Lite to Verboice ======
 +Now we're ready to call to Verboice by using X-Lite softphone. \\ 
 +What number we should call to? \\ 
 +According to our configuration between Callcentric and Verboice in this instruction,​ the number that we should call to is **17772236350**. It's SIP Username.\\ 
 +This number will be different depend on your Callcentric account (SIP Username).\\ 
 +Start X-Lite softphone application then type the SIP username that we used when create Callcentric Channel then press button **Call**.\\ {{ :​en:​vbmakecall:​vb-x-lite-call.png?​nolink |}}\\ \\  
 +Now you can hear the voice base on the call flow selected when creating channel. \\ {{ :​en:​vbmakecall:​vb-x-lite-in-calling.png?​nolink |}}